Crisis Management

Get Ready Your "Crisis Management Resources" esp. during this period! "Reputation and crisis have the potential today to define an organization,...(Read more)

Black Swan

BLACK SWAN Impact to HK Restaurant under corona - Find the opportunities during downtime! And staying positive! (Read more)

Strategic PR

Deploying Strategic PR Digitally 2020 | Social media to join force in PR and marketing functions.. (Read more)

Facing the challenge

How Foreign Expert suggests restaurants owners/ marketers to face this challenge? We summarize 5 foreign expert tips for you. (Read more)

5 ways out for F&B

Hong Kong restaurants - 5 Ways to survive during Covid-19. Unlike other countries, Hong Kong government is yet announcing... (Read more)

Social World Asia Hub 

Choose the right suitable PR & Digital Marketing Agency. “We are a good listener and market researcher....” (Read more)


  • But it’s also the week publishers started seeing campaigns coming back in China.

  • One major international news brand is expecting to sign three contracts last week from three of the biggest countries in China and the immediate area (one has already been signed). (Read more)


Economic recovery is certain even after the worst hit 

The optimism of the US stock rally last week may look misplaced, but the nature of economic cycles should give confidence that the world will bounce back – even if the recovery is more likely to be gradual and U-shaped, than sharp and V-shaped (Read more)

MARKET TIPS | EntrepreneurAsia

Help Your Business Recover From Coronavirus

COVID-19 is upending companies large and small, but here's how you can limit the damage. The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the global economy. Air travel is being hit hard, sports leagues and big events are being canceled, ...(Read more)

The SWAH | 24/7 hotline

New launching crisis management hotline for marketers/ brand owner

The SWAH has launched it new 24/7 hotline for local marketers and brand owners for immediate social media & PR support in case of unexpected/ unwanted rumors impacting the brand. Whatsapp anytime at 852-65364263, for immediate advise/ PR support to swiftly response media inquires/ find the ways out ease negative social discussion.

The SWAH is a leading PR and marketing agency in Asia with more than decades of market experience which enables us to partner with marketers and brand owners with complete confidence. Our goal is to design and run the most suitable PR & Marketing campaigns with state of the art omni-channel setup and, to face the unprecedented marketing challenges in the long run. The SWAH re-evaluates your PR and marketing plans to ensure consistency, seamless delivery and, most importantly, aligned narrative which showcases your brand and its offerings. Ensuring this narrative is based on personas for experience creation allows audiences to unfold your brand value and eventually become your advocates.

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