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BLACK SWAN Impact to HK Restaurant under corona

Find the opportunities during downtime! And staying positive!

Coronavirus attacks ones health & lungs, and so does our wallets. We have no ways to immune, but to be vigilant to Boris Johnson's order "Stay-at-home". Yet, whether or not Hong Kong is going to be locked-down completely coming up, we are looking into delivery strategy, social media and digital instant sales campaigns anyway. (Check out our ideas if you are interested to explore more.)

Here, we are telling you why this is a great impact to your F&B businesses and what we picture the post-virus recovery of F&B industry. Rest Assured! We will be fine.

1. Digitization and Marketing evolution of all industries

This BLANK SWAN, forces all marketers and PRs to enroll digital plan in their instant sales campaign, and one will find getting everything involving digital is a good way to track and measure campaign. Better picture campaign conversational rate and even learn getting the online payment for instant sales (coupons, gift card, pre-paid card). And one would be in love with it after they started involving. While this is a big hard-work time for one to explore digital marketing and pr for their campaign. One will also find their cost could be lower in advertising to specific media.

By creating landing page, by driving traffic from your CRM email, social media, KOL campaign & Search engine advertisement, you will know how many people being interested in the campaign by referring different sources of traffic going into your site, no. of people registered/ purchased your coupons and even how much time they spend on your landing page. After-all, you will know what to change after the previous campaign lesson. You can manage it in your current website, or hire one agency to create this campaign for you at the lowest cost. Here the campaign traffic flow mapping :

2. Saving future advertising cost on specific media

Getting one or two media partners for your coming campaign may still be worthwhile. But you may need to check if your promotional campaign can effectively draw traffic to your different digital portal and measure its conversion. OR in the future, you change to approach by neglecting specific media advertisement, having Press Release pitching to those media; while spending the same amount of media buying cost to Facebook and Google native advertising to get even higher impression and conversion. Yet, there are tactics on content management, target audience segmentation for your campaign, as well as strategically re-targeting email strategy. Check with our team at info@theswahcomm.com.

3. Market adaptation to digital world bring you new sales channel

After virus outbreak, customers will resume previous dine-in culture. Market will be picked up so quick as everyone is so keen to meet friend and family in a some nice restaurants. Addition to the benefits of delivery convenience, food delivery demand will sustain, although not as big during virus period, but will definitely bring restaurants higher delivery sales than before.

Managing omni-channel advertising, pr and marketing is yet too simple to manage all portals and apps at once for all marketers. If you need some ideas or simply a brain-storming partner, we are here to with you! What's more? We will bring you in-depth market research and strive for a value-for-money integrated marketing campaign.

About The SWAH

PR and marketing expertise in digital world, concrete 13+ market experience who is confident to partner with marketers and brand owners, to face and run the most suitable pr & marketing campaign with updated omni-channel setup and face the unprecedented marketing challenges. The SWAH re-evaluate your PR and marketing plans to ensure approaches embraces consistency, seamlessness, and most importantly aligned narrative that pledge your brand and its offerings. Ensuring this narrative to be based on personas to experience creation for audience to unfold your brand value and eventually become your advocates.