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我們明白在香港經營中小企業的挑戰。The SWAH是您可以信賴的公關和市場推廣公司。讓我們了解您的正在面對的挑戰。


市場策劃顧問服務" 為服務基礎!我們保證服務絕對"符合中小企經濟效益的"

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The SWAH is a leading PR and marketing agency in Asia with more than decades of market experience which enables us to partner with marketers and brand owners with complete confidence. Our goal is to design and run the most suitable PR & Marketing campaigns with state of the art omni-channel setup and, to face the unprecedented marketing challenges in the long run. The SWAH re-evaluates your PR and marketing plans to ensure consistency, seamless delivery and, most importantly, aligned narrative which showcases your brand and its offerings. Ensuring this narrative is based on personas for experience creation allows audiences to unfold your brand value and eventually become your advocates.

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