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Deploying Strategic PR Digitally 2020

Social media to join force in PR and marketing functions

"Integrated Marketing" is no longer a new terms in PR and Marketing industry. When one recall Integrated marketing 5 - 10 years ago, PR agency would activate branding campaigns with different marketing activities, promoting the pre and post campaign by traditional media relations and CRM - newsletter, printed media exposure, and started to pickup online media buying etc.

Mobile usage with network surfing feasibility over the years has crafted new communications platforms' birth and fostered PR digitization. Asia is demonstrated with turbo digitization speed when compare with any other parts in the world. Thanks to 4G, 5G adaptation and market affordability, Asia market is witnessed with its unprecedented speed in gaining popularity of different new apps and communication tools every single year. Asia marketers and brand owners would be on one hand be embraced with more promotion channels, but also facing the dilemma of too many channels and how to delegate the right amount of pr & marketing fund.

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PR efforts and Agency values

Social media is seen as a default channel and a must have marketing platform for every business. Yes! You don't need a PR agency to tell you this! But you may need to know the below before you confirm your Integrated, Digital PR and marketing plan:

1. What channels of your targeted customers group are regularly using? How much effort to put into the platform?

2. To what extent your competitors or industry leaders are spending on those platforms?

3. What platform(s) draw(s) the most conversational sales to your competitors' or industry leaders' business?

4. Omni-channel development is necessary, but what are the most important few that i should manage within my budget?

5. How do I manage the integrated omni-channel campaign to bring the highest ROI?

All of the above questions varies amount industries and change every now and then. So when one know facebook, instagram, SEO, SEM and website are the essential marketing platforms for their brands, one would also need to run the platforms and programme with AI analysis, data backup and regular evaluation! Or Your Marketing and PR efforts would be a waste with no clues.

Click HERE for one case study in F&B industry.

PR / brand consultant, would deploy different AI engine to conduct various market researches, understanding your industry, your competitor's strength, making suggestions on what marketing/ pr plan work with your brand with rationales, data backup.


About SWAH

PR and marketing expertise in digital world, concrete 13+ market experience who is confident to partner with marketers and brand owners, to face and run the most suitable pr & marketing campaign with updated omi-channel setup and face the unprecedented marketing challenges. SWAH re-evaluate your PR and marketing plans to ensure approaches embraces consistency, seamlessness, and most importantly aligned narrative that pledge your brand and its offerings. Ensuring this narrative to be based on personas to cexperience creation for audience to unfold your brand value and eventually become your advocates. Speak to us your thought at

We conduct a number of researches, and analyse for client their most relevant insight. Report and suggestion would be submitted in 3 working days. For details, email us at for service details.


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