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Get Ready Your "Crisis Management Resources" esp. during this period!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Today it seems that every company is either in the midst of crisis, coming out of a crisis, or about to have one. And crisis can put the tenuous alignment of your sales and marketing organizations to the test.

Social Listening and media monitoring aren't anything new, especially among pr professional and marketers. However, one may monitor their brand's campaign or specific launching #hashtag by ignoring brand being mentioned in the "NEWS column".

Unlike MNCs, public sectors, and local corporate, not all retail brands owning a monthly social listening package internally with market intelligence software or having a long-term PR professionals to run a long term brand monitoring services in local news section. And now, one marketer or pr professional, may need to look into one STAND-BY PR partner or get their own contingency resources to face "if any" incidents coming to you one day in a morning.

Adverse Effects:

“Reputation and crisis have the potential today to define an organization, to send its community of advocates spinning, to disrupt financially its stock, its profitability, its leadership hold on the market.”

"By working with an experienced PR before an event occurs, or properly handle an event,  you can substantially improve your ability to minimize the impact of negative publicity on your business."

Check-out our services and see how we support you and your brands on facing the crisis and getting prepared before crisis knocking the door.

About The SWAH

PR and marketing expertise in digital world, concrete 13+ market experience who is confident to partner with marketers and brand owners, to face and run the most suitable pr & marketing campaign with updated omni-channel setup and face the unprecedented marketing challenges. The SWAH re-evaluates your PR and marketing plans to ensure approaches embraces consistency, seamlessness, and most importantly aligned narrative that pledge your brand and its offerings. Ensuring this narrative to be based on personas to experience creation for audience to unfold your brand value and eventually become your advocates.


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