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How Foreign Expert suggests restaurants owners/ marketers to face this challenge?

Updated: Apr 16

Why are we sharing this? We wanted to share with you how other overseas experts suggest and save your time on researching. In the meantime, rest assured! You are all on the track, and there is nothing new in other countries.

What's more? Hong Kong is not that bad comparatively!

Right! So after our research, overseas restaurants also run their Crisis Management campaign with below summarized idea:

  1. Driving Fast and Short-term sales with food delivery

  2. Email and Social Media Strategy, with gift card selling to ease current financial problem and bring loyalty.

  3. Continuous community and media relations activities, keep contacting media and sharing your promo in your community.

  4. Partners to share your stunning discount programme, like business chambers and different association which cross sharing your client's segment.

  5. Best time to do Brand Building with charity group. Helping people in needs. This kind of Cause Marketing Campaign does draw public and media awareness, and now is the right timing to pickup one or two projects.

Cause marketing: is marketing done by a for-profit business that seeks to both increase profits and to better society in accordance with corporate social responsibility, such as by including activist messages in advertising.

If you prefer to get some instant partnership lineup and want to explore how to create one charity campaign (Cause marketing campaign), targeting drawing local and media attention with your coming crisis management and CSR programme, you may contact our Senior Brand Consultant angella.flemming@theswah.com for details.

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