The Market shapes us

2007 - 2020

  • The SWAH, was established since 2007, headquartered in Hong Kong. We are one of the successful full service marketing, and digital communications agencies in this highly competing market. We are dedicated to shoulder branding workload and let clients run a

  • "Hassle-Free Business".

  • With our clientele from SMEs to multinational companies around the globe, we offer consultancy services to an array of industry clients, and bringing various projects with in-depth market insight, as well as proficient execution skills.

From Media Relations to Influeners era

2007 - 2020

2015 -2020

  • The SWAH, started its PR consultation and media relations services for local market, catering uncountable brands to connect to beauty media since establishment. High demand of local news feature lineup as well as food media communications, has shaped the firm with comprehensive & strong media bond. 

  • In 2015-6, influencer networking in beauty sector, has greatly adopted to foodie market, and later extended to app launching and event all kind of lifestyle brands. The SWAH embraces growing hub of KOLs, micro/ macro influencrs since then, bring client in-depth analysis of KOL's audience demographic. AI-driven outreach programme has brought our clients experienced unprecedented ROI, market reach and high conversion campaign success.

Our Network





More & coming

  • Lifestyle & local news media in Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia. 800+ media contacts;

  • 1000+ micro, macro influencers and KOLs for lifestyle branding;

  • 100+ Hong Kong socialists community database to join you exclusive VIP events;

  • 100+ Models, TV/ movie/ Singer networks for any type of sponsorship, spokesperson etc.

  • We are people-centric business! Our crew performs daily contact hunting and community management to acquire the most extensive pool of database which best suiting consumer branding. Speak to our crew and uncover our contact spectrum!

The SWAH is a leading PR and marketing agency in Asia with 13 (and counting) years of market experience which enables us to partner with marketers and brand owners with complete confidence. Our goal is to design and run the most suitable PR & Marketing campaigns with state of the art omni-channel setup and, to face the unprecedented marketing challenges in the long run. The SWAH re-evaluates your PR and marketing plans to ensure consistency, seamless delivery and, most importantly, aligned narrative which showcases your brand and its offerings. Ensuring this narrative is based on personas for experience creation allows audiences to unfold your brand value and eventually become your advocates.

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