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How to find the right suitable PR & Digital Marketing Agency

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

"By regarding our firm, SWAH, as the abbreviation of Social World Asia Hub". SWAH is dedicated to offering customers with all essential marketing elements to run branding in asia.

Having solid experience in PR & Digital Marketing in Asia more than a decade, we witness all ups and downs of different brands in different industries. What make us predominate in this highly competing PR and digital marketing industry?

“We are a good listener and market researcher. We know how important to understand your branding needs and target audiences, sales channels, before suggesting the right branding tactics.”

Unlike others, we do not provide a fixed service plan that other clients run. One marketing plan works perfect to one client may not always apply to all. Making WOW brand noise is branding target, yet we are clear that the programme should also leverage client's P&L. Setting right PR measurement, defining unique client's ROI, before project are ultimately an important tactic to run a successful campaign. We desire to provide client one unique, tailor-made, yet comprehensive PR & Digital Marketing plan within client's budget. Making out of the most!

Unlike others, show-casting how other famous brands or big spending clients who spend fortune on branding. SWAH, suggests the right plan within your budget. Spotting you the correct competitors, researches how others run their brands, and suggesting what suitable the best for your brand. You could hardly find one with concrete sales experience in FMCG market, who assists you running the PR and Digital programme. Yes! SWAH is the one.

Speak to us your needs, your worries, your Marketing/ PR hassles

Tell us what makes you head-scratching in your current business. And we are more than happy to run a COMPLIMENTARY:

a/ Market Research/ Competitor Research

To get you a better picture on what other brands are running their PR and social media programme.

b/ Suggestion Plan

A suggestion plan on what is right for you and what is not. How much budget you need to buffer for running a campaign. Or what resources or manpower you need to buffer in the long-run to sustain the brand exposure. And of course, how much and to what extend that SWAH could assist you.


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