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Remotely run PR & Digital Programme to target HK/ CHINA customers IN YOUR COUNTRY

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

If you are:

  • A factory or a brand owner who have products selling in the retailers in HK

  • If your brand is selling in digital shops that also ship internationally

  • A factory or brand owner is looking for brand awareness in HK/China and planning to find a distributors or whole-sellers;

  • You have travel restrictions to come to HK/ China, and cannot meet a PR agency partner

  • You want to keep the Pr and marketing momentum for your brand instead of waiting for your retailing partners to invest

You will find this a good idea to explore for acquiring your very own remote & experienced Pr and marketing agency in Hong Kong.

One thing you need to admit during the global pandemic.

  • We will have a “new normal” to continue for quite awhile that you won’t see frequent traveling feasible.

  • All retailer shops are in the “survival battle” by laying off staffs, closing stores, for an unknown extending period globally

  • If you are now running your digital shop, great. You have a fast moving team and very responsive to the market. But if you are still relying on your local distributor or whole-sellers to pay marketing or Pr fund, maybe not now that they can afford all.

Do you know you can remotely own a Pr and marketing team to get your branding exposure in HK and CHINA, in your own control?

The SWAH has valuable 13 years and counting .. experience in serving overseas brands to run their remote Pr and marketing campaign in HK and CHINA market. Campaign include

  • Social media management with localized content creation and visuals

  • Media relations and micro kol campaign for quality mentioning about your brand

  • Digital advertisement with content & visual design

  • Local office stocking your products to run marketing joint promotion or marketing campaign

  • Sampling campaign with advertising for your new product launching and end to end gift redemption management

  • We can work as your operation partner to site visit the retail stores (if any)

  • And much more than this…

What’s more?

  • We charge service at your own currency

  • We accept installment

  • We accept credit card payment

  • We have Southeast Asia and Europe account manager if your need your local support

This social distancing and “new normal” pandemic life is changing the globe and changing almost every business nature. We save your flight Cost, hotel cost of visiting our region and we run the remote campaign for you and you save cost of setting up a hk team to run the same campaign. You can pickup a campaign at once instead of spending time on setting up team and hiring plus all office costs. Haven’t yet figured out what way being the best for your brand? Speak to our crew! We are all here with you to face this unprecedented market changes. And we should keep our faith!

About The SWAH PR We are one of the leading PR and marketing expertise in Asia. We are not an overnight born successful PR agency, our valuable decades of market experience boosted our confidence to partner with marketers and brand owners, to face and run the most suitable pr & marketing campaign with updated omni-channel setup and face the unprecedented marketing challenges. SWAH re-evaluate your PR and marketing plans to ensure approaches embraces consistency, seamlessness, and most importantly aligned narrative that pledge your brand and its offerings. Ensuring this narrative to be based on personas to experience creation for audience to unfold your brand value and eventually become your advocates. For details,


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