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New Face Of The SWAH Rewrite

Updated: Apr 24

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The New Face Of The SWAH and ‘Bespoke post-epidemic PR campaign’

(16 Apr 2020, Hong Kong) Leading Hong Kong PR agency, The SWAH has announced a double whammy with a new rebranding programme and, a bespoke post-epidemic package for local and international clients.

The SWAH Reboot

Formerly known as The SWAH PR and The SWAH Communications, the agency which was launched 13 years ago has been renamed The SWAH. Fully managed by The SWAH International based in Hong Kong, the agency is a leading consumer public relations provider, specializing in lifestyle and local news media relations.

As The SWAH prepares to expand its operations to meet the rising demands of the digital PR era, the rebrand reflects the confident and bold approach that the company has always taken great pride in. The agency will continue to create results-driven campaigns for clients with market research and analysis of audience demographics.

The Post-Epidemic PR Campaign

As the world prepares to get back to work once the lockdown restrictions are lifted, many businesses will need a helping hand in winning back customers. The bespoke post-epidemic PR campaign has been designed to tackle the issues faced by companies during the Coronavirus crisis.

About The SWAH

Founded in 2007, The SWAH is an independent PR agency created to provide forward thinking, integrated media relations to businesses across Asia. With offices in Hong Kong, China and Malaysia, the agency prides itself on its collaborative approach to client partnerships, media relationships and supporting local communities.

The SWAH sees a sparkling future for the PR industry in Hong Kong and China. Now, more than ever, brand owners and marketers are seeking to join forces with up in order to boost their businesses. The potential for business in the Asian market is enormous and, we’re focused on taking advantage of the U shaped economy rebounce in Asian advocacies.

European and overseas consumers can find information about our bespoke post epidemic PR & marketing Hong Kong packages by contacting our brand consultant angella.flemming@theswah.com and rachel.lee@theswah.com for marketers in asia/ hong kong.

For more information on The SWAH, visit: [www.theswahcomm.com]

For press inquiries, contact [info@theswahcomm.com]

The SWAH is a leading PR and marketing agency in Asia with 13 (and counting) years of market experience which enables us to partner with marketers and brand owners with complete confidence. Our goal is to design and run the most suitable PR & Marketing campaigns with state of the art omni-channel setup and, to face the unprecedented marketing challenges in the long run. The SWAH re-evaluates your PR and marketing plans to ensure consistency, seamless delivery and, most importantly, aligned narrative which showcases your brand and its offerings. Ensuring this narrative is based on personas for experience creation allows audiences to unfold your brand value and eventually become your advocates.

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