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Integrated Plan

that suits your brand needs


Bench-marking years and more to create...


SWAH, dedicated in PR, Marketing and Digital marketing industry for decades. Aiming at sustaining its persistency in service offering and quality. Every year is a benchmark, as we offers the most up-to-date marketing, pr and digital support for brands who desire enrolling their brand in Asia.

The Team

support you in three regions

Establishing since 2007, SWAH headquartered in Hong Kong, with its supporting team stationed regionally, since 2015 in China and 2019 in Malaysia. Three regions supporting team setup, make your regional and local marketing , pr and digital marketing plan feasible with flawless execution and adaptation. No matter you want to bring your brands to Hong Kong and China, or develop a regional execution digital plan in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Our 3 regions supporting team is always aside you for your best backup.


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